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Master Class in Growing International Trade

International trade is at the cornerstone of globalisation as we know it today. While defending their own market territories, companies and governments alike are expected to seek avenues to expand their markets beyond their countries’ borders. However, given the 2008 financial crisis and the current darkening of international horizons, the question is whether trade will still be the panacea of growth in future. Presented in partnership with Global Natives, the Master Class in Growing International Trade aims to prepare practitioners to develop sound strategies to enter new trade markets hands-on. Participants will be presented with a roadmap to enable the identification of new trade opportunities. Read more


Date: 20 & 21 October 2016

Facilitator: Martinus Havengha


"We believe that business growth is an organic process with dynamics that are constantly evolving."

How we started

Global Natives Ltd was established in 2007 as a training solutions provider in the Mauritian market. The Mauritius business environment is ever changing and companies are constantly required to adapt their strategies, direction and positioning. We have seen our clients’ needs increased and be more diverse which compelled us to re-align ourselves to respond to the changing environment.

This helped us to rethink our approach to addressing the ever increasing dynamics and needs of our clientele. After hours of brainstorming, discussion, research, strategizing and bottomless coffee, we understood that only a robust model bringing sustainable solutions to the corporate world would suffice.

What inspires us


We analyze by deconstruction of systems or concepts, to discover hidden internal assumptions, flaws and contradictions before proposing new, fresh and creative opportunities!



This literally means “humanity to others”. People remain the centre of who we are and what we do. Beyond sharing mere knowledge or bringing mere solutions, we share everyday experiences with those we are working with.


We intentionally and deliberately look for ways in which to promote the spirit of excellence. However, the proof of excellence is in the ability to produce promised deliverables repeatedly. Our team is committed to walk the second mile to ensure that the intended outcomes are achieved.

"We help businesses increase profitability."

Solution driven services

Impactful Training

As an MQA registered training institute we believe that training should directly impact business growth. Our core focus is on leadership development, employee engagement, activity-based team development and specialised workshops.

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Targeted consultancy

We identify key factors that affect efficiency, productivity, performance; we develop tailor-made strategies and we commit to effective implementation for business growth.

Cutting edge management

We provide management solutions to increase the net asset value of our clients’ businesses and optimise their effectiveness and efficiency to make them financially sound.

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