Global Natives endorses Free to Grow as a credible employee-engagement service provider.


WorkQ takes employees beyond IQ and EQ.

  • Non-management employees will develop the mindset, knowledge and skills bringing them to better understand the organisation’s needs
  • Employees understand what is expected of them in order to sustain and grow the organisation.
  • Employees are motivated, willing and equipped effectively support their team.

A customisable 2-3 day workshop covering the following areas:

  • Building self-esteem and increasing ownership
  • Instilling a positive work view of and commitment to effectively utilise every work-related opportunity
  • Understanding the ‘bigger picture’: The purpose, plan and part the play in the work environment
  • Lining up with the organisation’s values
  • Build respect, trust and understanding, in order to work in harmony and collaborate with others

Employee Engagement Workshop for HR Managers

HR Managers can benefit from a 2-day ‘HRengage!’ Workshop, equipping them to:

  • Understand how to drive Employee Engagement
  • Make Employee Engagement a strategic priority
  • Develop relevant policies and implement procedures to increase engagement
  • Take a transactional and transformational angle on engagement
  • Equip and support the company’s leaders to drive engagement

Free to Grow’s learning methodology is both practical and experiential. Visually rich material and interactive learning activities help participants to explore these topics in a relevant, meaningful manner.

MQA Approved
This course has been approved by the MQA.


  • “I came here hoping for just one new bit of knowledge or a tool I could use, but I left with armloads. Thank you!”

    HR Manager ENL Group
  • "Excellent course! I acquired many new skills that will enable me to implement employee engagement."

    HR Manager ENL Group
  • "It has been so long since I have attended such a good, high level and targeted workshop."

    HR Manager ENL Group


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