The different ​S​trategy and ​I​nnovation program​me​s are intended to prepare business leaders to be responsive and agile in the volatile and ever changing business environment. Business leaders will be enabled to question their current way of thinking and to apply various tools and methods to design towards the desired future. These 2-day program​me​s can be customised according to the company’s vision, strategic objectives and needs of companies​.

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Become an expert decision maker and master the challenges that the future of your industry faces.

In order to master the challenges that the future of your industry faces, you will want to become an expert decision maker in key areas of your business. This course teaches you to step back and equips you to critically reflect on those decisions that are crucial to addressing business challenges in a more relevant way. This course is recommended for those in senior management responsible for planning and developing organisational strategies.

A Learning Investment
This programme will equip you to:

  • Understand the business environment more effectively,
  • Know the difference between scenario planning, forecasting and trend analysis,
  • Judge the purposes of scenario planning,
  • Select the best methodology to use in your business environment,
  • Develop different scenarios using new tools and techniques,
  • Practice scenario planning successfully in your area of interest,
  • Explain scenario planning’s role within the strategic management process.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

This programme aims at preparing senior managers to actively contribute to strategic conversations and have an impact in decision-making processes that result in better company responsiveness and agility.

Course Content
Topics covered are:

  • Framing Strategic Conversation – senior level and executive discourse, managing complexity and unpredictability, from analysis to systems thinking; new rules of executive level conversations.
  • Think like a Futurist – analysing different megatrends and scenarios.
  • Think like an Innovator – Sensing opportunities for innovation, identifying alternatives, leveraging differentiation.
  • Think like a Strategist – strategic interrogation, strategic thinking, strategic framework.
  • Think like an Executive – seeing the bigger picture, making the executive decision.

Participant Profile
This programme is for senior managers who want to participate confidently and effectively in strategic conversations and decision-making processes.

A Learning Investment
At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Apply a strategic framework to review your strategy,
  • Analyse different decision-making scenarios,
  • Develop a strategic pitch for your executive team.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Preparing key human resource managers for senior management positions.

Organisations in Mauritius face increasing levels of business complexity, and their human resource (HR) managers are often challenged to play a key strategic role in facilitating business success. This programme in Strategic Human Resources prepares HR leaders for senior management positions, both now and in the future.

Course Content
The programme focuses on understanding HR’s role in facilitating organisational and business success and developing strategic business acumen. Topics covered are:

  • The global environment of business – understanding HR’s role, differentiating between HR and business conversations.
  • Designing a people strategy – positioning HR strategically, designing a human capital strategy, designing a talent-focused future HR business model and strategy, succession and workforce planning, anticipating resource requirements, exploring performance management and rewards.
  • Creating a sustainable future – understanding strategy to co-design the people agenda, reviewing the business strategy, analysing the strategic design process, assessing systems thinking and design thinking in relation to the strategic design and implementation process.

Participant Profile
This programme is for HR leaders required to tackle organisational challenges and with great potential in the industry.

A Learning Investment
After completing the programme, you will be equipped to:

  • Contribute effectively to strategic business conversations,
  • Use a strategic design process to analyse HR priorities within business strategy,
  • Use a design thinking framework to drive your organisation’s people agenda.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Remain competitive by moving beyond strategic planning towards flexible business model design and implementation.

Remaining sustainably competitive in an ever-changing business environment requires business leaders to do more than just strategic planning. This programme aims at introducing leaders to flexible business model design and implementation. Skills of a competitive differentiator for business leaders are enhanced by exposure to a combination of practical, experiential and theoretical best practices in the domain of business modelling.

Course Content

  • Thinking systemically about business models – progressing from analytical static paradigms of thought to more fluid systemic and flexible thought paradigms, the evolution of business modelling and implementation.
  • Better management of the changing environment, using flexible business modelling mastery as a competitive advantage.
  • Designing flexible business models based on scenario planning.
  • Aspects of flexible business model design.

Participant Profile
This programme is suitable for senior or experienced leaders who are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation or business unit, or specialists who advise on the future strategy. Participants should be open to embracing new ideas and best practices regarding strategic management.

A learning investment
After completing the programme you will be equipped to:

  • Evaluate principles and aspects of flexible business model design,
  • Motivate for the differentiating power of sustainable business model flexibility,
  • Re-design the flexible business model process and framework,
  • Use business model flexibility to review sustainable competitiveness.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.


  • “The content delivery, scenarios and case studies established a platform for us to transfer the knowledge gained to our current organisational structure.”  

    Financial Manager Lemuel Corporate & Trust Management
  • “This is the only two-day course that I am sure will make a difference in my company.”

    Director Integrity Solutions Provider Ltd
  • “It was more of a workshop than a training course; what was really beneficial is that we left with actual solutions.”

    Director NAVEO
  • “With a focus on systems thinking, this programme equips you with a broader perspective on work and even life. It is helpful to understand that we should always think of the ideal future (have a vision), and then on how we could take small steps (or huge leaps) towards the ideal future. Without this perspective we may improve every day, but may not end up where we want to be. Alternatively, we may fall into the habit of always doing the same thing – which is worse. I now apply systems thinking in my everyday life and at work. I have used these lessons in my leadership development coaching, in strategy formulation, and even in customer workshops. It has also helped me to rethink what my career aspirations are, and I am taking baby steps in the right direction!”

    Girija Banymandhub-Teeluck Cluster HR Manager, Maersk Line
  • “The training provided me with new insights into the business strategy formulation aspect of my job which has helped me to articulate a better and clearer picture to my team.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “I believe that this course will help all future leaders become better at what they do and to strike the right balance when coming up with master strategies.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “I appreciated the facilitator’s approach which has been completely different to the usual training sessions we have. Very useful examples and metaphors were used to put the relevant concepts into context.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector


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