The following Comprehensive Programmes are presented to different management levels, and cover management and leadership skills relevant to each level. The programmes can be tailored made according to your company/industry needs, and management levels. The course runs for five to seven months and includes face-to-face, high level interactions and guided syndicate work through a Business-Driven Action Learning Project.

Presented by USB-ED

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MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Coming soon …

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

This programme equips middle managers, or those with management potential, to implement their organisations’ strategic objectives and provides a unique opportunity for them to develop social and cultural awareness and intelligence.

In today’s competitive and evolving business environment, it is entrepreneurial thinking that will shape the future of organisations. This course is aimed at managers who want to develop these abilities to benefits both themselves and their organisations.

Modules include:

  • Economics and Business
  • Essentials of Managerial Finance
  • Globalization, Future Trends and Scenarios
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Systems Thinking
  • Personal Effectiveness & Personal Leadership Style
  • High Performance Teams
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Customer Centricity
  • Marketing and Customer Service Management

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.


  • “The intelligence, passion and generosity in explaining and sharing their experience that most of the facilitators have shown, made the course even more thought-provoking and motivating. All the teachings and ideas, though not all related to my actual job, will I am sure be very useful to me in the future.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “I was pleasantly surprised at how well the team bonded despite some team members meeting each other for the first time. We shared our knowledge, not only in the group project, but also helped each other on the personal assignments as we were not competing with each other but working so that the whole team would succeed.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “The different modules studied made it possible to see ways to investigate issues, including implementing project findings. I have been able to apply the studies in the company’s daily operations, to see things more clearly and to think critically and implement solutions.”

    Mauritius Construction Sector
  • “I never knew that teamwork could be such a wonderful experience! If someone had told me this at the beginning of the course, I wouldn’t have believed it, but now that we have done it, I consider myself an ambassador of the concept. It’s true, it took time for us to get to know each other and build trust but once this was done, nothing could stop us.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “I had been told that this programme would be transformational but I had taken it with a pinch of salt. Today, I can proudly say that the programme has really transformed my thinking.”

    Mauritius Banking Sector
  • “This programme has completely changed my way of thinking and helped me to tackle difficulties in a different and innovative way.”

    Mauritius Retail Sector


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